Next Tuesday, April 22 there will be a new round of Customization Items coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts players on Xbox. Fans will be able to choose from six new Personalization Packs, the Soap Legend Pack, the Classic Ghost Pack and the Extinction Squad Pack. And anchoring this round of Customization Items are the new VO Packs - one for Snoop Dogg himself, and one for renowned Marine drill instructor R. Lee Ermey (YES THE DUDE FROM FULL METAL JACKET YOU MAGGOTS!!! - sorry I couldn't resist).


Check out the video below for more on Snoop, and then head over to Call of Duty to see more details on all the new Ghosts Customization Items available next week.





And one last reminder, all these Customization Items - Personalization Packs, VO Packs, Legend Packs, etc. are all completely optional and are not required to play Ghosts. So if you see something you like, get it. After all, they're there for you to customize your Ghosts gameplay experience to your liking. But if none of these are for you, then that's perfectly fine too, and you can still enjoy the game just as before.