Mila Kunis stops by to talk about World of Warcraft, Settlers of Catan, Mario Party, poker, Cards Against Humanity, and how Hugh ruined her 21st birthday. (Lisa Sterbakov sits in, too.) Kat and Hugh and I also talk about Sledgehammer's upcoming Call of Duty game, Jolt Cola, the new Clan Wars schedule (including Diamond), a geeky Kickstarter project, 2600 high scores, pink urine, and what causes a rising feeling of dread in Hugh's chest. 

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One of Swords Podcast 212: Help Me
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Special Guest: Mila Kunis
Special Guest: Lisa Sterbakov

Host: Dan "OneOfSwords" Amrich, Activision Community Manager, author, musician, puzzle nerd, and fire juggler
Co-host: Hugh "DJ Darkhugh" Sterbakov, screenwriter, author, comic creator, Emmy-nominated writer/toy wrangler for Robot Chicken, and Governor of Somewhere
Co-host: "The Lovely and Talented" Katrin Auch, photographer, graphic designer, bassist, Mechromancer, and inventor of Headshotmas

Soundtrack: Yameen - available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all online music stores


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